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Other Interests


Besides my work, theatre has been a longtime creative passion in my life. It has a transformative power unmatched by any other medium. It is amazing how little is needed for effective actors to transport an audience to any time or place. All disbelief is suspended, all threads of reality are severed, and the audience surrenders completely to the performers' story. There is truly nothing like the power of theatre.

Acting challenges me to stretch the boundaries of my imagination. It requires me to consider how I convey my every performing action, right down to the minutest of detail. My time acting has given me a commanding stage confidence that serves me in everything I do. It encourages me to push outside my comfort zone into the spotlight. It teaches me to take risks, and never be afraid of looking silly.

Every time I take on a new character, I become an entirely different person. I am very fortunate to have experienced a wide range of character roles. Each one changes me in ways beyond description. I have been a gambling gangster from the 1920s, a vampiric lunatic in an insane asylum, a snarky Olympic god who loves pulling off a good con, and the chained gloomy ghost of a certain Dickens Christmas classic. Every role is a fresh pair of eyes that alter my perception of the world around me. I find myself confronted by radical ideas and new perspectives. Acting connects me with people I'd never dream I'd ever be able to relate to.

Theatre is more than a creative expression. It is a means of conveying profound ideas in a way that engages and enthralls its audience. It is this inseparable connection between actor and audience that I strive to incorporate into everything I do. 

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