Project | 01 Get Lost

Summary: A new app experience for spontaneous adventurers to experience travel, local customs, and cultures their own way.

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Project | 02 GoCoach by GoPro

Summary: Harness the power of GoPro's  brand reputation and portable camera technology to create a a new immersive digital platform that brings virtual training back to the
field of play where it belongs.


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Teen Comic 6.PNG
Project | 03 I'm a Teen Girl, Now What?

Summary: A new self-help comic book that empowers teenager readers to explore their options. 

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Project | 04 KIND Pet Food

Summary: A new product extension for KIND that redefines the pet treat category by providing a treat that is for cats and dogs.


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Project | 05 Marvel's Professor Omega

Summary: If power corrupts, who does the world turn to when one man obtains absolute power?  Introducing the next blockbuster Marvel superhero: Professor Omega! 

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Project | 06 Nike Rube Goldberg 

Summary: Because athletes practice through the holidays, we designed a Rube Goldberg Machine that functions to automatically set the household up for Christmas!

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Nike Merry Christmas.PNG
Nike Merry Christmas.PNG
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Joseph Reilly