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"Good enough is never good enough."

I am a Creative Brand Manager. Studying at the VCU Brandcenter taught me that advertising is the creative side of the business world. Successful advertising requires a mastery of strategy, innovative thinking, a love for problem solving, and charismatic execution. Advertising, at its core, is storytelling. It is the ability to convey new ideas, and facilitate meaningful connections between brand and audience. 

As Creative Brand Manager, I strive to make sure my team has every resource they need to succeed. I take pride in being a dependable pillar of encouragement and collaboration to every team I take part of. A great leader is not someone who gives out the orders, but the person who listens to his team.

Every day I endeavor to make myself better than I was the day before. I love learning new facts and mastering new skills. I ask as many questions as I can from anyone I can. And I challenge myself to tackle new experiences, even when I am not sure where they will take me.  

I push myself to find new creative solutions, untangle complex problems, and seek out innovative thinkers to inspire me. Good enough is never good enough. That is why I always push myself to go that extra step to produce the best results possible. 

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