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Nike Rube Goldburg

The Nike Elves:
Alec Plourde - Art Director 
Emmaline Terry - Art Director 
James Krahe - Experience Designer
Joe Reilly - Creative Brand Manager
Kt McVeigh - Copywriter
Zavi Harman - Strategist
Yotam Ohayon - Copywriter 
Nike Merry Christmas.PNG
The Ask:
Design a Christmas holiday display for Nike using a Rube Goldberg machine. The experience involves constructing a working machine to accomplish a simple task in the most unnecessarily complex way possible and related to the brand and the holiday season.
The Big Idea:
Because athletes practice through the holidays, our Rube Goldberg Machine function is to set a place up for Christmas for the athletes since they have so little time. This process involves the following:
  • Turning on Christmas light
  • Setting up the holiday decorations
  • Preparing presents
  • Filling the Christmas stockings
  • Ripping the December calendar page from December 24th to December 25th
  • And as the finale: dropping a pair of Nike shoes into an open box as a special gift.
The Final Result:
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