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The Super Team:
Alec Plourde - Art Director 
Emmaline Terry - Art Director 
James Krahe - Experience Designer
Joe Reilly - Creative Brand Manager
Kt McVeigh - Copywriter
Zavi Harman - Strategist
Yotam Ohayon - Copywriter 
Prof Omega.PNG
The Ask:
Introduce a new blockbuster Marvel superhero in a brief brand story that provides context for the character. Present design sketches of the character along with recommendations for an integrated launch plan for the character, including, creative elements. 
Insights: Marvel Characters are Relateable
Superhero stories are so prevalent in our culture because they serve as the modern mythology of our era. They are our fairy tales, fables, and epics. Superhero stories are symbolic reflections of our society and its attitudes.
Marvel superheroes resonate  with audiences because we relate so strongly with their characters. They share our shortcomings and self-doubts. Despite their powers, Marvel's heroes face the same challenges we encounter every day. Their epic battles serve as symbolic representations to the same struggles we face each day.
What separates Marvel heroes from the competition is their drive to intentional go against common superhero tropes and formulas other comic book publishers rely on. It is this going against old superhero cliches and formulas that keeps their stories so fresh among its viewership.  
Omega 3.PNG
The Idea: Introducing Professor Omega
Imagine you were the smartest person on earth. Imagine you were so clever you could solve any problem. And imagine you lived in an ignorant planet blighted by disease, famine, environmental disaster, and war. How far would you go to make the world a better place?
Meet Professor Omega. A scientific super-genius who dares to go to any length to elevate the city of Miami to new heights. When tampering with the Power Cosmic, a mysterious power source beyond even his capacity to comprehend, Professor Omega inadvertently creates Miami’s greatest “hero” and constant nightmare: Alpha God. 
“Lo, I teach you the Uberman: he is lightning, he is madness!” —Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustr.
Infused with limitless godlike abilities, Alpha God initially proclaims himself to be Miami’s protector, but soon falls victim to his own ego-maniacal, histrionic personality, and overwhelming power. Even the slightest criticism is enough to set this childlike god into a hysterical state. Who knows what might happen should Alpha God finally snap...
Professor Omega is an introverted, idealistic, scientific genius whose purpose is to protect the denizens of Miami from his indirect creation, Alpha God, a godlike being who possesses the Power Cosmic. Now Professor Omega must use his uncanny brilliance and endless creativity to design the means of protecting his city from Alpha God's volatile nature. But can even his super-genius match the limitless might of an unstable godlike being?
Witness the origin story of these two new characters spread across 4 exciting episodes on Disney’s new streaming service!
Launch Plan: Professor Omega 
2-year timeline consistent with Marvel’s approach to recent superhero blockbusters.
San Diego Comic Con, July, 2019 - Announce intent and tease Marvel fan-base by creating LinkedIn profiles for our new characters.
New York Comic Con, Oct, 2019 -
Official introduction of Professor Omega as new character. Issue One of Professor Omega comic launches.  
San Diego Comic Con, July 2020 - Exclusive release of Professor Omega TV trailer. Professor Omega appears in hologram TED Talk, allowing the audience to be introduced to plot points that will feature in upcoming TV show.
New York Comic Con, Oct 2020 - Premiere the miniseries the week after NYCC. Will also include the Professor Omega VR Experience - an experiential booth will allow attendees to don a VR headset, transporting them into Professor Omega’s lab. 
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