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Team: Cody & Friends
Alisha Taylor
Cody Colvin
Joe Reilly
Lee Kuykendall
Shayla Johnson
Kind 1.PNG
The Ask:
Create a new pet-based product line for KIND Snacks. Include packaging designs, display mock-ups, and planned launch campaign.   
Mission: Bring KINDness to Pet Owners
Healthy living + Love = KINDness.
Kind is committed to bringing kindness to the world in the form of healthy snacks. They want to create snacks that bridge the gap between health and taste. The company aims to foster kinder and more empathetic communities. 
Younger pet owners treat their pets like family, and are spending more on premium pet food products. More than half of pet owners are interested in natural or organic pet food enriched with vitamins. This aligns with KIND's brand because its snack products contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. 
The Idea: KIND Pets
Nearly 60% of KIND users own both cat and dogs, yet most pet-food brands focus exclusively on either cat or dog food. There is a market absence of treats products being marketed to both cats and dogs. 
Introducing: KIND Pets - Ending the Choice Between Cats and Dogs. KIND will redefine the pet treat category by providing a threat that can be enjoyed by both cats and dogs. Instead of being forced to purchase different treats, dual pet owners need only buy KIND Pets for their household.
The product line will be comprised of 4 Treat Bars and 4 Treat Bags. These treats contain natural ingredients. KIND Pets is grain free, and contain 5 main ingredients that are nutritional to both cats and dogs. 
Design and Placing:
KIND Pets is sealed in transparent material so consumers so they can see the high food quality they are buying. The bags have a matte texture that provides a more distinctive sense of touch. Zip closures and adhesive tabs are included so the packaging can be resealed. 
Our suggested retail price for the Bag of Treats is $10.99 for the bag of treats with an $8.99 profit margin. The suggested price for the KIND Pet bars is 2.99 with a profit margin at $2.49. 
KIND Pets should be placed directly between the dog and cat food sections. Besides pet stores, such as PetSmart and Petco, we recommend placing KIND Pets placement is recommended in natural grocery stores, like as Whole Foods and the Fresh Market. 
Product Launch
Ending the choice between Cats and Dogs is the primary focus of KIND Pets. A Youtube teaser will introduce the product, followed by print, digital, and social media followups to maintain public interest. 
Billboard space in major cities will not only present the product, but will also demonstrate the message of unity that is at the heart of this brand. 
For a new product spokesperson, we recommend Kristin Bell as a new product because of her philanthropic animal rights efforts, fostering rescue animals, and role interviewing Netflix's furry stars for National Pet Day. Her philanthropic efforts stretch to other major issues, such as women's rights, global poverty, and disaster relief. 
Kind Pets should be promoted on the Chewy website where users will choose whether they are a cat person, a dog person, or a KIND person. Regardless which option they select, the promotion reveals we are all KIND people.    
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