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The Team:
Aaron Lee - Brand Strategist
Joe Reilly - Creative Brand Manager
Harness the power of GoPro’s well-known brand reputation and portable camera technology to create GoCoach by GoPro: a new immersive digital platform for athletes and coaches/trainers of all skill levels and sports categories that brings virtual training out of the home and back to the field of play where it belongs.
Every sport is unique and comes with its own special training needs. GoCoach will offer a variety of packages complete with a customized setup of cameras/equipment to best fit whatever sport or activity you’re looking to take to the next level. Users can pick their trainer through GoCoache’s virtual training/coaching platform or connect with their own personal instructor. Athletes and coaches can record themselves in action from any point of view and upload it to the same cloud space for easy access and sharing, allowing them to review performance and track progress no matter where they are.
GoCoach by GoPro helps you "go pro" with your sports training routine. 
GoCoach functions by selling athletes specific packages depending on the sport the user participates in. Each package will include multi-camera setups and mounts that allow the athlete to capture footage from various angles and perspectives. This allows GoPro to sell users multiple cameras in a single purchase. GoCoach offers three subscription options:
Month subscription service for individual athletes. Individual athletes will be able to capture and upload their video to GoCoach’s remote coach/training cloud platform to review  and share with others. 
Packaged licensed deal for sports teams. GoCoach is a powerful training tool for not just individual players, but entire sports teams as well: A coach using GoPro can review what each player is doing on the court or field, identify holes in their defense, and find ways to improve team cohesion.
Virtual coaching subscription service. To capitalize the most on digital training trends, GoCoach will set up its own remote coach/training service, utilizing remote professional athletes or trainers, for reviewing footage and providing guidance to athletes looking for feedback from experts.

GoPro has the technological abilities, and widespread name recognition to create a new and improved digital individual coaching/training experience. GoPro’s mountable and wearable cameras are the ideal solution for expanding digital training to non-stationary sports. An athlete can mount their camera anywhere they wish. With a GoPro camera mounted on a basketball backboard, a digital coach can observe the athlete’s dunk from the hoop’s point of view. A surfer can stream themselves to their instructors at a low angle shot from their surfboard. By strapping a GoPro to their heads, golf trainers can demonstrate a proper swing by letting their students see it performed from a first-person perspective.


Any sports instructor, especially a digital instructor, benefits greatly from having a compilation of clips they can review and dissect. By storing the footage in one place, coaches/trainers can capture a deeper understanding of their athletes’ performance. They see how a player’s progression over time, how they act under different conditions, and the bad habits hindering their play. The more exposure a coach/trainer gets of their athlete in action, the better the feedback and guidance they can provide. GoCoach is the ideal asset for any athletes looking to take their game to the next level.

GoCoach Deep Dive Brief
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