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The Team:
Aaron Lee - Strategist
Akin Abode - Copywriter
Danielle Scott-Patxot - Experience Designer
Joe Reilly - Creative Brand Manager
Krista Stanley - Art Director
Max Farinholt - Creative Brand Manager
Business Challenge
Drive economic development through tourism. However, newer generations are seeking more from travel and are wanting to get deeper, more meaningful experiences with local culture, customs, and even with locals themselves.
Market Situation

The global travel and tourism industry has grown from $6.03 trillion in 2006 to $8.27 trillion in 2017, growing at a CAGR of 2.9%. Across the globe, a rise in middle class population, millennials travelling more than other generations, increased awareness of travel destinations with the growth of social networks, and a decrease in cost of air travel are all increasing the number of people traveling regionally and across the globe.

Unfortunately, ‘tourism leakage’ prevents travellers from interacting with local communities — meaning “not much opportunity is left for local people to profit from tourism.” Right now, 40-80% of tourism dollars spent in developing countries do not circulate in the local economy.

Cultural Situation

In 2018 82% of millennials traveled vs. 75% of the overall population. 72% of these travelers wish to spend their money more on experiences than physical things. 66% of millennials use a smartphone to book vacations and nearly 98% share their experiences on social media while traveling.


Millennial travelers = adventure seekers. More so than any other generation. They are willing to splurge and spend more when it comes to activities and experiences, but tend to look for affordable options when it comes to their lodging and accommodations. (Hostels are popular among these travelers because they are cheap and usually conveniently located and offer a greater chance for social experiences and local immersion). They also prefer spontaneity as opposed to traditional itinerary-based travel and vacations.

Human Truth
While travel itself is not on a downline in general (it’s actually going up), travel by millennials and gen-z is actually on the rise, but not for the traditional reasons. They want experiences over things. They want to experience countries and cities through the lens of locals as a way to soak in the full experience - and they want to “find that hidden gem” that feels like something special they can share with others or keep to themselves.

Beautiful Destinations does a good job of bringing together travel and technology, but they have an opportunity to help connect their target travelers with the authentic experiences of local customs, culture, and people that many travelers crave. Helping to improve/streamline these interactions will also help to achieve all 3 key areas of their focus on sustainability, creating connections to people, places and the planet.


Allow spontaneous adventurers to experience travel, local customs, and cultures their own way.

Why Get Lost Works

The Get Lost app by Beautiful Destinations helps this newer, younger generation of travelers that crave authenticity and experience over things get a deeper, richer, understanding of the area they are in. It helps make it easier and more intuitive for travellers to engage in spontaneous adventures, and serves as a virtual guide to help make it easier for travelers to connect with local culture, customs, experiences, and people.


Each download of this app helps get out the Beautiful Destinations name, and allows plenty of opportunity for Beautiful Destinations to monetize their experience by selling coffee table books and other momentos of these special travel adventures.


Finally, Get Lost helps local businesses and the areas Beautiful Destinations works with (or wants to work with in the future) because no matter where you are or how big or small your business is, Get Lost treats each business equally without biased reviews or rating systems. This evens the playing field, helping travelers find  “hidden gems” off the beaten path, and giving the ultimate choice of what to do and where to go to the travelers themselves.

How Get Lost Works
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